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Branding: behind every successful business lies true market differentiation - simply stated and with a clear appeal to both heart and mind. It is these ‘messages’ that resonate through every touch a firm has with each of its stakeholders.

We advise on branding, differentiation and go-to-market strategies. We work with proven specialists and associates in brand definition, design and market research as appropriate.

Marketing: as marketing channels proliferate and data storage and processing costs continue to fall,the options for businesses to deploy direct, indirect, online, offline, and social networking media in their marketing continue to multiply.

However, although the science of marketing may appear to get more complicated, the simple principles of putting the right offer with the right message in front of the right people at the right time at the right price remain the same.

Animos partners can help develop and manage the detail of marketing programmes including branding, budgeting, media planning, generating sales leads, using contact centre teams and establishing multi-channel customer-touch cycles.

We are also happy to help CEOs and marketing directors critique existing marketing programmes and refine their market offerings.

Sales: whether in BTB or BTC, a successful, well-managed sales engine is always at the heart of continued commercial growth.

Animos partners have built, managed and delivered successful sales platforms and teams around the world, selling everything from complex global transformational outsourcing deals to high volume FMCG products, both direct to consumer and via third-party distributors.

The team understands the importance of hiring the right resources (whether a ‘big game hunter’ or a 500-strong outbound telesales team), managing and properly incentivising those resources, maintaining a strong sales pipeline and using the right measurement and reporting processes.

We advise a number of multi-national blue-chip firms on enhancing, streamlining and introducing step change into their sales organisations.

CRM – Customer Relationship Management: it is vital for businesses operating in highly competitive environments to retain and develop relationships with their existing customer base.

The task of effective CRM is to define how best to boost share of wallet. We can help you identify the life-stages in the client: customer relationship, the products and services to match those shifts and the optimum way to present these to each customer – via the right media at the right time.

With roots in direct marketing and contact centres, Animos partners have unique and well-rounded experience across a broad array of market sectors to help you develop successful CRM programmes.

Multi-channel: Animos partners’ broad experience in creating and delivering programmes means we are exceptionally well-connected with many of the market leaders in:

  • Website optimization
  • Online audience intervention
  • Affiliate lead generation
  • Optimized search
  • Social network engagement
  • TV, radio, press, PR, telemarketing
  • Direct mail, inserts, door drops
  • Co-op lead generation programmes

Reporting & Customer Satisfaction: the larger the corporation, the more likely it is that senior executives will be measured and judged against improvement in customer satisfaction levels.

With the march of Net Promoter Score and similar assessments it is ever more important to not only capture customer feedback but also feed those insights back in to the business to drive effective change.

Using techniques old (telephone surveys) and new (automated speech recognition), Animos has helped build highly effective tools and programmes giving a 360 degree view of the business and feeding quality improvement back across the entire supply chain.