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Andrew Tillard

Andrew Tillard spent 30 years founding, buying and managing businesses in the services industry. For 20 of those years he founded and successfully reversed a call centre business into a NASDAQ quoted company, making it the largest in the world with a presence in 20 countries. He chaired the MBI of a marketing services group and had a non-profitable flurry into the software industry with first to market products. In 2002 he co-founded Animos with Nigel Gourlay and has two key strands, mentoring CEOs and senior execs, and acting as a NED on various boards. He specialises in business planning, management and growing businesses. His clients encompass many industries including architects, automotive, aviation security, education, travel, legal, garden design, cleaning, camping, event management, & charities. He recently conducted a MBIMBO and is Chairman of a service company. Andrew began his career in the Army and then with Proctor and Gamble before heading into the world of the entrepreneur.

Andrew specialises in business planning, processes, M&A, outsourcing and mentoring.

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